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Introduction SHAANXI GAOTON PETROLEUM MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a dynamic and vigorous chinese supplier in the Oil & Gas,Website:, waterwell, construction, geothermy, power generation industry. Our products cover API certificated Wellhead Equipments, Handling Tools, BOP, Rig & Accessories, Mud Pumps & Spare Parts,Cementing Equipment, Down hole Tools, OCTG, Solid Control Equipments, etc. Also, with our professional technical team, we could supply customized products, you just require, we can supply! Superior quality, competitive price, timely service and professional technical support lead us to go further with our international customers in Russia, Venezuela, Mexico,Iran, UAE, India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Australia, Korea, US., etc. Our advantage: Having strict filtering system. Having special order control system. Having rigid quality Inspecting system. Accepting everything in this field to be our clients. Reasonable price, reliable quality control system and service Our Mission: To exceed quality expectation with the highest integrity, strive to provide excellent customer service and continue to excel within the industry. Deep sincerity and honesty is our responsibility.If you are already here, why not try us!
Products and services
Rotary Kelly,Square Kelly,Hexagonal Kelly,Drill Pipe,Short Drill Pipe,Drill Pipe Tool Joint,Friction welded Drill Pipe,Drill Collar,Slick Drill Collar,Spiral Drill Collar,Non-Magnetic Drill Collar,Pony Drill Collar,Heavy Weight Drill Pipe(HWDP),Heavy Wall Drill Pipe,Stabilizer forging,Integral Blade Stabilizer, Non-Rotating Stabilizer,Straight Blade Stabilizer,Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer, Mandrel Stabilizer,Variable Gauge Stabilizer,Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer,Spherical Stabilizer,Float Valve Stabilizer,Stabilizer Hard facing,Stabilizer Hard banding,String Stabilizer, Near-bit Stabilizer,Hope Opener,Cone Hole Opener,Roller Reamer, Keyway Reamer,Casing Scraper,Casing Swage, Casing Anchor,Key Seat Wiper, Drill Pipe Rotary Tool,Lift Sub,Saver Sub,Cross Over Sub, Drill Stem Sub,Abnormity Sub,Side Entry Sub,Circulating Sub,Wear Sub,Oriented bent sub,Oriented sub,Top Drive Sub,IBOP for Top Drive,Casing Test Pressure Plug Drift,Casing Drift,Tubing Drift,Lift Cap, Lift Nubbin,Lift Bail,Lift Plug,Quick-detachable Casing Protector, Kelly Valve,Kelly Cock Valve,Upper Kelly Valve,Lower Kelly Valve, Full Opening Safety Valve,Drop-in Check Valve,Kelly Splash Valve, Inside BOP,Casing Back Pressure Valve,Arrow Type Back Pressure Valve, Arrow Type Check Valve,Float Valve Sub,Plunger Type Float Valve, Flapper Type Float Valve, By-Pass Valve,Casing Pressure Cup Tester,Hydraulic Bucking Unit,Down hole Motor,Mud Motor, Drilling Motor,Sucker Rod,Polished Rod,Pony Rod,Short Rod, Hydraulic Jar Tester,Double Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar,Mechanical Drilling Jar,Double Acting Hydraulic-Mechanical Drilling Jar, Double-Way Shock Absorber,One-Way Shock Absorber,Surface Bumper Jar,Super Fishing Jar,Jar Intensifier,Fishing Bumper Sub,Overshot, Series 150 Overshot,Extension Sub,Wall Hook Guide,Oversize Guide, Mill Guide,Mill Extension,Series 70 Shot Catch Overshot,Series 10 Overshot, Series 20 Overshot,Releasing and Reversing Overshot,Lifting-Lowering and Releasing Overshot,Releasing Spear,Releasing Spear Accessories, Segment-type Spear Grapple,Stop Sub,Mandrel,Reversing Sub, Reversing Spear,Cable Fishing Hook,Back Off Sub,Three-Ball Fisher, Sliding Block Spear,Taper Tap,Die Collars,Internal Hook,External Hook, Reversing Circulation Junk Basket,Mill Shoe,Drilling Junk Sub, Wireline Adapter,Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnet,Fishing Magnet, Ditch Magnet,Bit Breaker,Mud Bucket,Junk Mill,Flat Bottom Junk Mill, Tapered Mill,Concave Junk Mill,Economill,Bladed Junk Mill, String Mill,Pilot Mill Shoe,Skirted Junk Mill,Junk Sub, Washover Pipe,Washover Shoe,Drive Sub,Cone Fisher, Washover Safety Joint,Rotary Shoe,Mechanical Internal Cutter, Mechnical External Cutter,Multi-String Cutter,Section Mill, Type H Safety Joint,Type AJ Safety Joint,Impression Block,Whipstock, Pear Shaped Tube Expander,Long Cone Tube Expander,Casing Roller, Hydraulic Chain Clamp Pliers,Fish Top Trimmer,BHA Assembly, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG),Casing,Oilfield Casing,Tubing (TBG),Oilfield Tubing,Line Pipe,Casing Coupling,Tubing Coupling, SAW Pipe,Pipes and fittings,Pipe Bolsters,Pipe Racks,Pipe Frame, Econo-Rack,Mud pump,Slush Pump Components,Hydraulic Cylinde, Cylinder Liner,Cylinder Head,Piston shaft,Valve Cover,Cross head, Cross head pin,Extension Rod,Crosshead Guide,Valve Assembly, Piston Assy,Piston Rod,Clamp,Air Chamber Assy,Air bag,Gas bag,Air case,pulsation dampener,Pulsation Dampener Bladder,Wearing Plate,Cylinder Device,JA-3 type of shear relief valve,Discharge strainer assy, Suction Manifold,Discharge Manifold,Spray Pump, 32PL Electrical Spray Pump,Oil filter,Cylinder Head Cover, Valve Cover,Bi-metal liners,double lip oil seal, valve guider(lower),cylinder cover plug,valve cage Liner Cage, Valve Cover Seal,valve spring,o-rings,valve guider(upper), valve rubber Insert,liner seal ,piston seal,Piston Head Assy, Piston Rubber Replacement Kit,Piston Head Rubber,Piston Rod Clamp Assy, Piston Rubber,Fluid Module,Full open valves,4-web valves,3-web valves, Liner lock,BOP control system,Adapter flange,Drilling Spool,Annular BOP, Ram BOP,Choke manifold,throttle manifold,x-mas tree,Kill manifold, Union,Hammer Union,plug valve,T-joint,Check valve,Choke Valve, throttle valve,Gate Valve,Safety valve,Swivel joint ,Blind Flange, Shaffer,Cameron type BOP ,variable bore Ram,blind Ram top seal and front seal,studded adapter,Plug NPT1,Adapter flange,Casing head, Casing Spool,Casing Hanger,Tubing Hanger,YX sealing,Y sealing, Spherical plastic core,Spherical rubber core,Annular BOP packing element, Taper Type packing element,,Diverter packing element, Variable ram rubber,Shear ram rubber,Pipe ram rubber,Elbow U-shape, Double Studded Adapter,Flanged Bowl,Float collar,Float shoe, Drillable Float Collar,Drillable Float Shoe,Cementing plug, Top Cementing Plug,Upper Cementing Plug,Bottom Cementing Plug, Lower Cementing Plug,Liner Hanger,Cement Head,Casing Centralizer, Hinged Non Weld Bow Spring,Hinged Weld Bow Spring,Slip on Welded Bow Spring, Hinged Non Weld Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop,Hinged Weld Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop,Slip on Welded Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop,Hinged Non Weld Double Bow Spring,Hinged Welded Double Bow Spring, Slip on Welded Double Bow Spring, Hinged Non Weld Double Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop, Hinged Weld Double Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop, Slip on Welded Double Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop, Hinged Non Weld Turbolizer Bow Spring,Hinged Weld Turbolizer Bow Spring, Slip on Welded Turbolizer Bow Spring, Hinged NW Turbolizer Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop, Hinged Welded Turbolizer Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop, Slip on Welded Turbolizer Bow Spring C/W Integral Stop, Drill Pipe Centralizer,Spiral Cast Al/Zn Centralizer, Straight Cast Al/Zn Centralizer,Slip on Cast Steel Centralizer, Spiral Cast Al/Zn Centralizer C/W Integral Stop,Rigid Centralizer, Roller Rigid Centralizer,Cement Basket,Stage Cementer, Single Plug Cement head,Double Plug Cemen head, Casing Thermal Stress Compensator,Manual Tong, Type SDD Manual Tongs (HT 100),Type DB Manual Tongs (HT 65), Type B Manual Tongs (HT 55),Casing Tongs,Well Servicing Tongs, Type SB Manual Tongs,Type C Manual Tongs (HT 35),Type AAX Manual Tongs, Type WWB Manual Tongs,Type LF Manual Tongs (HT 14),Type CD Elevator, Type CDZ Elevator,Type DD Elevator,Type DDZ Elevator,Type TA Elevator, Type SLX Elevator,Y Series Slip Type Elevator, Type SJ Single Joint Elevator,Type SP Single Joint Elevator, Sucker Rod Elevator,Type B Rotary Slips,Type DU Slips,Drill Collar Slips, PS Series Pneumatic Slip,UC-3 Casing Slips,Casing Slips, Type QW Pneumatic Slips,Safety Clamps,SE 500 Elevator / Spider, SE 350 Elevator / Spider,SE 150 Elevator / Spider,Roller Kelly Bushing, Pin drive Roller Kelly Bushing,Square drive Roller Kelly Bushing, Master Bushing,Casing Bushing,Master Bushing Accessories, Type QQP Pneumatic Spiders,Type C/CHD Pneumatic Spiders, ZQ Series of Drill Pipe Power Tongs,TQ Series of Casing Power Tongs, Drill Pipe Rotary Clamp Device,Spinning Wrenches,Rotary Bushing, Die and Insert,Drill Tool Gauge,FP Sealed Anti-spraying Boxes, Mouse Hole Clamping Device, Land Drilling Rig,Truck Mounted Drilling Rig,Workover Rig,Drawworks, Crown Block,Travelling Block and Hook,Drilling Swivel,Rotary table, Air Winch,Mast,Transmission system,Hydraulic disc brake,Brake Strap,Brake band,Pinion&Gear,Crankshaft gear ring,Pneumatic Clutch Assy, Push type Clutch,Friction Plate,Brake Shoe Assembly,Sleeve, Gear Oil Pump Assembly,2S Gear Oil Pump,Main Bearing,Crosshead Bearing, Connecting rod Bearing,Chains,Clutch tube,Clutch drum,Shale Shaker,Linear Motion Shaker,Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker,Mud Cleaner,Desander, Desilter,Vacuum Degasser,Centrifuge,Jet Mud Mixer,Shear Pump, Centrifugal Pump,Mud Agitator,Mud Gun,Mud Gas Separator, Flare Ignition Device,Oil Tank,Submersible Slurry Pump,Water Tank, Mud Cleaning System,Screw Pump,Shaker Screen,Hydrocyclone, Mechanical Seal,Agitator Impeller, Vibration Motor,Hammer Block,Spring Rubber, Casing and Tubing Running service,Tubular Running Service, Oilfield drilling company,Oilfield drilling contractor, Oilfield Supplies,Down Hole Tools,Drill String Tools,Drill Stem Tools, Fishing and Milling tools,Fishing and Retrieval Tools, Fishing and repair tools,Drilling, workover, and remedical tools,
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Room 1633, 16 Fl., Exhibition International Building, No.1 Chang'an North Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R.C.
Xian, 710061


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